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December 18, 2014

2014 SIG Leadership Workshop





Not Receiving Your SIG Newsletter/Communique?

There could be two reasons for this issue.

The first could be you have chosen UNSUBSCRIBE to email messages in your ONS Profile (under Preferences "Manage my email subscriptions") or you opted out of receiving ONS emails.  You can log into your (if you do not already have a profile, select “Create One Now”).  Once you are logged in, you can check your contact information, other resources and preferences.  Go to your profile and select “Personal”, where you can add or change your email address in our database.
If you wish to receive SIG correspondence but not other emails from ONS, select “Preferences” on the left and then select “Manage my email subscriptions”, under “Preferences”.  the Manage Subscriptions screen comes up and you can select from the list emails that you DO NOT want to receive by scrolling down the screen.  You will still receive your SIG information as part of your membership as long as we have a valid email address on file for you.    
The second could be your institution has been restricting your from receiving the ONS emails.  There has been an increase of interference within transit by things such as spam and security filters and junk mail folders.  You may want to check your spam folder as well.  You can ask your IT team/department, along with your local email client (i.e. Outlook) to white list ONS wherever there are filters in place.
If you aren’t receiving ONS emails at all, email to check on the status of your ONS email account.  If you do not provide an email address, you will not be notified when a new SIG newsletter or communiqué is posted.  You can always access newsletters and communiqués by going to your SIG’s Virtual Community.  
All SIG newsletters and communiqués are posted to their respective SIG Virtual Community, and members with valid email addresses receive notification when the latest newsletters and communiqués are posted.

Leadership Opportunities within the SIGs and ONS

SIG Acknowledgement
ONS wants to share your SIG's accomplishments in an upcoming issue of ONS Leadership Update. Please send a brief description to

Help Improve Evidence-Based Practice: Get Involved in PEP

Do you want to help make evidence readily available to nurses in oncology practice? Do you want to easily stay up to date with all of the evidence in particular PEP topic areas or learn more about summarizing and critically appraising evidence? Become a PEP topic contributor or reviewer today. Those who participate in PEP activities are eligible for ONC Pro points on an annual basis. Contact us to learn more about how you can become involved today.

SIG Posters for Congress

Need help creating a poster for your SIG for Congress? Check out these great resources and templates to share the work of your SIG!

Also, a ONS Poster Guide was developed with some great tips.

ONS will reimburse each SIG $100 to print and display a poster at Congress. This is a great opportunity to share the activities and goals of your SIG with the membership. The following is a listing of printers who charge reasonable rates for printing posters.

Place poster print via your local FedEx Kinko’s and have the order processed at the FedEx Kinko’s nearest Congress. 

Use the QR code maker for your poster 1) SIG Leadership Contact information 2) 2nd QR delivers a link directly to the SIG Virtual Community and the poster.

The following is a listing of templates and tips:

Poster Sample from ONS with Tips and Recommendations

Template for a 36"x60" Poster

Template for a 36"x72" Poster

Template for a 30'x40" vertical Poster

SIG Coordinator Information

Coordinator-Elect Orientation

Archives and Records Management Guidelines

Proposed Record Keeping/Archives Scheme

2012-2016 SIG Goals Form

SIG 2014 Annual Report Form

SIG Coordinator Resource Guide

SIG Newsletter "Best Article" Award 2015 Application



Newsletter Documents

Step-by-Step Guide for Publishing a SIG Newsletter

Election Materials for SIGs

SIG Election Information Packet

SIG Candidate Application

SIG Candidate Reference Form

  • Coordinator-Elect Position Description
  • ONS Core Values
  • ONS Conflict of Interest Policy
  • ONS Campaign Policy

Virtual Community Administrative Resources


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